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Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental health insurance is a policy available for those looking for additional coverage. Supplemental coverage can help individuals and families pay for extra medical care and the costs associated with hospital stays. Asurcity LLC is ready to help you determine if supplemental insurance is the right option for you.

What Is Supplemental Insurance?

Supplemental medical insurance coverage is additional insurance that can help cover extra medical care and hospital stays. Extra costs that are often covered include:

  • Deductibles and co-insurance amounts
  • Private room and private duty nurse fees
  • Outpatient surgery
  • Emergency room visits
  • Extra transportation, lodging, or meals
  • Unexpected childcare

Supplemental insurance also comes with advantages such as no deductible during your hospital stay, reimbursements are paid directly to you and hospital stays are payable for up to one year for the same or related condition.

Supplemental Benefits

Asurcity LLC offers a wide range of supplemental insurance products to provide a peace of mind at every stage of life. The policies are designed to financially protect and support you and your family during difficult times.

  • Accident– Accidents happen! This benefit will help pay out-of-pocket expenses and provide benefits to you or your family for many of the accidents that happen without warning.


  • Income Disability-This benefit can provide individuals with income support following disabilities that force them off the job and loss of earned income. It replaces some of your lost income so you can continue to pay your mortgage, utilities, childcare, and other everyday expenses.


  • Critical Illness-This benefit provides money to you, not medical providers. It is beneficial if you’re diagnosed with a covered, serious condition to help keep your budget on track and savings intact while you work toward recovery.


  • Cancer-This benefit helps you and your family better cope financially if a positive diagnosis of cancer ever occurs. It provides a financial safety net so you can focus on recovery.


  • Dental- This benefit can provide individuals and families with coverage for various dental services, including routine cleanings, more complicated oral surgeries and orthodontics.


  • Personal Umbrella- This benefit provides additional liability coverage beyond your existing insurance. It can be added to any type of coverage you already have, such as auto, motorcycle, or homeowners’ insurance.

Our agents can help evaluate your situation, recommend coverages that fit your budget and help you choose which supplement products are best for you.

How to Get Supplemental Insurance

Asurcity LLC is prepared to help you determine the best coverage option for your needs.  To learn more about supplemental insurance or to get started with a policy, reach out to an agent today.


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